Villa Bianca

A-cero from Spain and PoD from Russia created these interiors using white furniture and natural wood producing spectacular spaces that act as a wonderful canvas for exquisite Asian art. The curved roofs of this villa represent the Hands of Welcome at Iniala. This very private deck has a comfortable dining/living area and private swimming pool.


The common areas are designed by Philosophy of Design, who have created a conceptual room based around the most famous of Russian icons, the Matryoshka doll. The Matryoshka is a playful set of dolls of decreasing size, placed one inside the other. All the dolls are different and each has its own character. The Villa is populated with sleek and modern versions of the doll – each one of them functional and unique. The Matryoshka Doll is present throughout the dining and living area, its shape apparent in the day beds as well as the dining room table, which seats up to 8 guests. Adjacent to the dining room, an outdoor courtyard with a Matryoshka-shaped soaking tub is set in front of a wall of water alongside a small spa room. The deck at the rear of the living area, which is modelled to replicate a luxury yacht, is the perfect spot to lounge around.

The ‘Matryoshka’ Suite

The Matryoshka Suite has a real fresh beach feel, with matte hardwood floors and white walls with colourful artwork by Indonesian pop artist Hahan. The Matryoshka doll-shaped bed inlet gives way to a large bathroom with dual vanities and an outdoor soaking tub, with Matryoshka loungers.


Designed by A-cero, the Seashell Suites are inspired by the sea and are more masculine in design. These two beachfront suites possess organic natural curves that flow continuously from the form of the room connecting the interior to exterior. The flow of the curves is reminiscent of strands of seaweed. Fiberglass overlays are set over the natural oak, creating a feeling of calm and serenity


• King size beds
• Each room has spacious bathrooms with separate shower & bath
• Spa room (1 massage bed)
• Illy coffee machine & TWG tea
• Complimentary WIFI
• Bvlgari bathroom amenities
• Indoor & outdoor dining facilities
• Ethernet access points
• International plug sockets
• HDMI charge points
• Accessible airplay point
• Family movie dictionary
• 2 dedicated butlers
• This villa is located directly on the beach, west facing for sunsets

Total Area Space – 548 SQM
Internal Living Space – 230 SQM
Infinity Pool – 18m x 3m

Freshness by design

Established in 1996 by Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares, A-cero believe that the interior design must involve the end users, increasing their perceptions and developing a greater understanding and vitality to their experiences. Working in an environment of exploration and imagination allows A-cero to maintain the freshness in each one of the projects, whether it be private or public, large or small. This approach often leads to the reinvention of well-established design models, bringing constant innovation to their work. A-cero’s projects seek excellence in design, through space continuity, a transparent relation between the interior of the building and its immediate surroundings and a sculptural approach to architecture. Virtually everything is custom designed and manufactured, making each project unique and exclusive, and producing lasting connections for all those who interact with these interior designs.

Masterful work with colours

Since 2003, architectural bureau PH.D, which was founded in Moscow by architect Lana Grineva, has been realizing the clients' wishes and hopes into unique shapes and spaces with each line and detail pure and verified.

The distinctive feature of PH.D is their masterful work with colours as well as the tasteful mix of natural materials, textures and scales. PH.D create new harmonies and express original ideas, while, with the help of their closest partners - developers State Development and urban researchers Citymakers, they have all the resources to solve problems of any scale and complexity.